Fundraising Information

Founded in 2012, 952 “WestJet” Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron (RCACS) joined the ranks of some of the oldest Air Cadet Squadrons across Canada. It is focused on providing cadets with leadership, community service, innovation and other learning opportunities.

Cadet programs are the largest federally sponsored youth programs in Canada.
However, this is only partial funding, as each squadron is responsible for raising
additional funds to provide the best possible opportunities and additional experiences.

These include marksmanship, skills development, leadership, effective Speaking, familiarization flights, gliding, field training exercises, field trips and more.  The following is a quick snapshot of our 2017/18 Fundraising initiatives that we hope all of our cadet families will participate in:


Davison Orchards Apple Fundraiser – September to October

This year we are trying out a new healthy fundraising option. Due to an unforeseen crop yield at Davison Farms, we have had to adjust our apple fundraiser as the very popular Honeycrisp apple is no longer available. Please download the revised order form for more details.

2018 Cash Calendar.JPG

APC Cash Calendars – September to October

The Alberta Provincial Committee Air Cadet League of Canada is selling cash calendars and as a squadron we are helping out! Each cadet will receive a few calendars to sell to Alberta Residents 18 years and older. If we sell all our calendars our squadron will be entered into a draw for a prize! For more information go to

Photo by LongitudeLatitude (Flickr) under  Creative Commons License

Photo by LongitudeLatitude (Flickr) under Creative Commons License

Purdys Chocolate - NOVEMBER to December

One of our most popular fundraisers! Each year our cadets help raise funds through our Purdys fundraiser by reaching out to family, friends, and neighbours for all of their chocolate needs. Our squadron receives 25% percent of the proceeds. Details coming soon.

Photo by Rex Roof under  CC Under 2.0 licence

Photo by Rex Roof under CC Under 2.0 licence

Bottle Depot – Year round

Year round at the Bowness Bottle Depot (4627, 16 th Avenue NW) you can donate your bottle return money directly to 952 “WestJet”! All you have to do is tell them that you want to donate the money to 952 “WestJet” RCACS bottle drive c/o Michael Mullane.

Finally, although we are not a registered charity we can accept donations. Cheques can
be made out to the Air Cadet League of Canada requesting that the donation be
directed to 952 “WestJet” RCACS.

If you are interested in helping with any of the above fundraisers or would like to be
part of the fundraising & events committee, please contact the SSC Fundraising
Committee Chair, Jennifer Cecconi at